It´s November, so I can totally start baking with cranberries, right? I´ve been wanting to try this Nigella Lawson recipe (from her amazing book Feast) for years.  I love the sweet and tangy combination of cranberries and chocolate.   I changed Nigella´s recipe just a smidge.  I used both white and dark chocolate chunks.  I […]

For my husband´s birthday I decided to bake him an assortment of cupcakes I knew he would love.  My mouth starts to water just reading the titles of these recipes. Gingerbread cocoa cupcakes with whipped gingerbread cookies and cream frosting Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter cookie frosting Bacon-hazelnut buttermilk cupcakes Cinnamon roll coffee cupcakes Vanilla […]

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I always associate it with childhood memories of crunchy leaves, apple cider, halloween fun size candy, and crisp late fall air.   Each year I always try to do something special for my daughter on Halloween.  We live in Iceland so there is no trick or […]

This is what the weather looks like outside my kitchen window this October Saturday morning Pretty dreary.  Perfect day for cozy cookie baking!  I decided to bake some chewy gingersnaps for an afternoon snack for my family.  Warning: these are the best Gingersnaps EVER.  Possibly the best cookie ever (highly subjective, I know….but I still […]

One of the things I look forward to most in the fall are pumpkin spice lattes.  Judging from the popularity of these fall coffee treats among the foodie bloggers and coffee shops, I am not alone. I started thinking about what makes flavors like sweet potato, pumpkin, and eggnog so popular.  For me, there is […]

My daughter had a friend over today so I thought I´d take a batch of cream cheese cookie dough out of the freezer and let them have at it.  I let them stud the dough with candy chucks before shaping into little balls and baking. Ready for the oven Meanwhile, I found an old O […]

This recipe is a little time consuming, but well worth it.  The dough can be prepared the night before and then the glaze can be thrown together the next morning while the rolls are rising or in the oven. The original recipe from Smitten Kitchen calls for pumpkin, however, due to a lack of canned pumpkin […]

I don´t think there is anything that screams fall like apple pie. I have been fiddling around with various recipes for  about six years now and I think I have finally  found my favorite one. I love how it  fills the house with the scent of fall spices and apples.  Total comfort food. Pie Crust […]