My name is Lily and baking has been a hobby of mine since childhood.  I almost went to school to become a pastry chef but got cold feet when it came time to sign the student loan contract.  I didn´t think I had the patience for the precision that baking requires nor for the repetition of baking the same things over and over.

Nowadays, I bake as often as I can in between juggling work, school, my husband, and six year old.  My family are  my taste testers.  I enjoy the process of baking, but not much beats the satisfaction of pulling a perfect batch of cookies out of the oven or admiring a batch of beautifully frosted cupcakes.

I am a sucker for all things pumpkin and eggnog.  Each Fall it is like the marketing team at Starbucks peered into my soul and tailored their menu accordingly.   I salivate whenever I find canned pumpkin here in Iceland and then I go home and maniacally bake way too many pumpkin pies. Also, if I can add vanilla bean to something, I will.

This blog is intended as a record of my experiments, mishaps, and adventures in baking.


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